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Wedding Trends Mag (WTM) is an online magazine that covers different wedding related informational articles having the information related to wedding products, wedding fashion trends, wedding crafts & DIY (Do it yourself) articles, wedding planning, wedding designers and Bride & Groom collections from all around the world. WTM team always welcomes contributors and supports the upcoming enthusiastic writers. If you are interested in WTM and find yourself energetic enough to write articles related to weddings, we would be glad to have you in our Editorial Team. The site is growing fast and writing for WTM will give you a good exposure. Send us your articles to get published on the web.  Articles approved for publishing will include the author’s biography or links to personal websites.

So if you’re interested in writing an article or want to become a part time/full time contributor feel free to contact us and we will get back to you quickly. While you write for us, your articles must be:


The articles must be your own work and should not be copied from anywhere. Plagiarized articles will not be entertained.


Articles should be between 250 (minimum) to 500 words (maximum) in length, including a clear structure of sections and paragraphs.


Articles should have a clear and independent view. Avoid any racist topic. The articles will be independently reviewed to ensure high quality before publishing.

NOTE: Send your articles using Plain text Format, MS Word Format, Open Office Document Format or HTML Format. You will be notified in less than 5 days if your article is found suitable to be published.