Why Edinburgh Should Be Your Wedding Destination

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle

Why Edinburgh Should Be Your Wedding Destination

Travelling abroad for your wedding day is becoming a popular choice for engaged couples. It’s easy to see why; it brings the wedding and honeymoon together, offering something different to a traditional home wedding and even cutting costs in some instances. Travel agent ABTA revealed that over 1.5 million people travel abroad each year for weddings, either as a guest or as part of the happy couple.

While locations such as the Caribbean and Thailand are popular, there are some other wedding destinations which can offer beautiful scenery and a romantic environment. Ever thought about Scotland as your perfect wedding setting?

Wedding Destination

Wedding Destination

While Scotland may not initially seem like a magical place to get married, the country’s capital of Edinburgh offers a stunning backdrop and a city rich with history to create your own special wedding day. Voted Britain’s best city for the third year in a row, take a look at why you should consider Edinburgh as the setting of your wedding…

Magical Places to Get Married in Edinburgh

There are so many wonderful places to get married in Edinburgh, but here are some of the most popular choices for any time of year.

Edinburgh Castle

What better place to tie the knot than in Edinburgh’s most famous attraction: Edinburgh Castle? Offering a variety of different rooms depending on your budget and guest size, Edinburgh Castle is a truly magical backdrop for your most important day.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Jupiter Artland

Just fifteen minutes outside of Edinburgh is Jupiter Artland. The Artland is in the grounds of Bonnington House, a 19th-century country mansion. The expansive land plays host to various artworks and sculptures. A stunning environment for a wedding and without set wedding packages, you can create a unique day that you’ll always remember.  

Edinburgh Zoo

Love animals? What better place to celebrate your special day than at Edinburgh Zoo?!  Don’t worry, you won’t be saying your vows in front of the penguins or snakes; Edinburgh Zoo has a mansion house and gardens which are ideal for the ceremony, reception and photographs.

The Caves

Looking for something both unique and historic? Look no further than Edinburgh Caves. The caves are the substructure of the 18th Century South Bridge. Shortlisted in the UK Wedding Awards 2016 in the ‘Best Historic Wedding Venue’ category, this is sure to be somewhere spectacular to get tie the knot.

Cringletie House

Scotland is renowned for its stunning countryside. There are plenty of wonderful hotels and manors to host your special day that overlook the country’s natural beauty, one of which is the stunning Cringletie House. Only thirty minutes away from Edinburgh, this countryside house is a perfect location for a wedding day. Many couples from abroad have used this venue for their special day and it’s no surprise why, as the impressive grounds and large rooms are perfect for a wedding.

Wedding Trends

Wedding Trends

Don’t Forget These Wedding Essentials in Edinburgh

If you’re choosing to get married in a new destination, don’t forget to include some other essentials for your guests. If it’s a new city for you, it may well be a new city for them as well, so keep them comfortable and in the know with a couple of smart investments…

Accommodation in Edinburgh

Listing a variety of affordable accommodation in Edinburgh is essential for those new to the city. From luxury hotels to simple B&Bs, Edinburgh has a host of affordable accommodation to suit everybody’s taste.

Destination Guide

Why not create a shortlist of the top things to see in Edinburgh for your guests? If they’re visiting the city for the wedding, they’ll surely want to see some of the wonderful sights before they leave.

Coach Hire for Wedding Guests

Transportation to the wedding venue needs to be kept in mind, so consider coach hire in Edinburgh as a quick and easy way to get all your guests to your venue (on time!).  This way, your guests don’t need to worry about navigating cars and public transport around a new city.

Legal Requirements

Getting married in a different country may require some different documents to sign and bring with you. Be sure to check the regulations for getting married in Edinburgh before you book the venue and start to plan your special day.

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