Pros and Cons of Public Marriage Proposals

Public Marriage Proposals
Public Marriage Proposals

Pros and Cons of Public Marriage Proposals

A lot have been said about marriage proposals but there are still many discussions about this important event in the relationship of every couple. While women are traditionally more keen on being offered a well prepared scenario for their marriage proposal, men often prefer more intimate and private environment for making this huge step. Of course, everything is strongly individual and depends on the preferences of the couple but as far as public marriage proposals are concerned, everything should be planned in details.

There are many people who will define such proposal as an act of ostentation, whose only purpose is to demonstrate that the man had bought an unnecessarily expensive ring for their beloved one. A great part of women, on the other hand, would be highly impressed by the fact that their boyfriend had overcome his shyness for making the long expected proposal to his lady in front of many people.

In this article I will outline some of the major advantages and disadvantages of public marriage proposals:


There are many advantages of receiving public marriage proposal and especially women are usually thrilled when considering this idea. If your boyfriend had made the marriage proposal in front of many people that is a sure sign that:

  • he is not afraid to demonstrate his love and he is certainly not intimidated by the fact that he will be judged by other people
  • your boyfriend had probably planned to make the experience unique and unforgettable for you. Certainly, there will be a lot of fun and awkward moments, concerning your reaction, however, that is what will contribute for the fascination of this moment
  • in case you receive public marriage proposal the element of the surprise will be greater. If you and your boyfriend are sharing a moment together in a more intimate atmosphere you are more likely to suppose such surprise, especially if you have been in a relationship for a longer time.
Public Marriage Proposals

Public Marriage Proposals


Receiving a public marriage proposal also has its disadvantages – and especially for people who are not used to exposing their intimate feeling in front of a public. To sum up, there are the following things that may not appeal to you, in case your beloved one decides to surprise you with unexpected proposal:

  • you may feel embarrassed and a little shocked if one of the most important moments in your life happen in front of many people and in case you have imagined this scenario in a different environment you may be disappointed
  • whatever your reaction is, you won’t be able to express all of your emotions because you will constantly think of all the people that are staring at you
  • if you are not keen on the traditional image of receiving your engagement ring in a sophisticated restaurant while you are having dinner with your boyfriend.

These are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of receiving a public marriage proposals, listed by HouseCleaners W9. Some people will definitely accept it as an outstanding experience, no matter of its place, others will oppose to this kind of proposal. The important thing, however, remains the reason for this moment – the endless love of two souls who have decided to officially unite their lives. It is never easy to make this decision and the most difficult part comes when the couple realizes the significance of this major step. After all the best option is to enjoy the magic of this unique moment and to celebrate this act of love in the most appropriate way with your beloved one.

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