New wedding trends – Modern Vintage Weddings Ideas & Decor

Decorations from Old Times
Decorations from Old Times

New wedding trends – Modern Vintage Weddings Ideas & Decor

It seems ridiculous to call wedding trends vintage and modern at the same time. Weddings usually do have some traditional features, such as going to church or wearing white, but couples are generally more attracted to the modern wedding style. However, vintage is never outdated, because you can make a perfect wedding combination out of some modern trends and some older options, used by our mothers and grandmas.

Consult living vintage people

Why wasting money on professional wedding planners if you can actually get advice from some of the people who are vintage themselves? Your grandmas or their relatives can serve as perfect sources if you are craving for vintage details at your wedding. What is more, some of them might still have some of the old wedding gowns or jewelry in their closets. If so, you will not only have a unique dress that might only need some corrections, but you will also be able to save money in this part and spend it on something else.

Modern Vintage Weddings

Modern Vintage Weddings – New wedding trends

Apart from the wedding gown, you can at least (or also) make good use of the old earrings or necklaces. Pieces of vintage jewelry might just be the ideal decoration for your body on your wedding day. Grooms should also pry a bit into their grandmas’ trunks and closets. Who knows, maybe they will also find something valuable, such as vintage rings or brooches, which might sweep their brides off their feet even more. In addition to that, grooms can also utilize some old-time clothes, too. If your grandpa was (or is) a well-off person, it is highly probable that he has also left you some clothes (or even accessories, such as a valuable watch) that might be used as your wedding outfit. After all, this is the age of hipsters and with clothes from your grandpa’s closet, you might look totally hip.

Decorations from old times

Now that you are dressed up so that you can be called vintage, it is time to dress up the wedding reception place. When it comes to trendy wedding decorations, first of all you need to know that uniformity should be forgotten. Centerpieces, for instance, can be varied without any limitations. The dominant color should be pink and its shades to make everything look as if it dates back from the old times. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to scatter a touch of green around pink-dominated centerpieces. Mint is one of trendy plants that can embellish the centerpiece.

Decorations from Old Times

Decorations from Old Times – New wedding trends

In addition to the centerpiece, some other features of the wedding party hall can be arranged to look vintage. For example, hanging wood banners are definitely an old-school detail, but they can look really fresh today, too. If you want to greet your invitees as they are entering the hall (or the yard), a hanging wooden banner with “just married” written on it would be a bull’s eye hit. As a matter of fact, you can reach for more wooden decorations, such as bottles, vases and many others.

Hard copied vintage

Decorating the whole wedding day so that it is clear that it is happening today, but that there are many details from the past will be great, but if it does not stay on some sort of a medium, it can be easily forgotten. Due to that fact, the next step that needs to be taken into consideration is hiring a skilful wedding photographer with a good eye for details. Vintage should not be the dominant force, but it should just gently touch the whole ceremony. The photographer needs to be aware of that. Also, he or she should be able to cope with vintage photo details. A great tip is that some photos should be taken with an old-school analog camera. Although modern professional cameras have hundreds of options, including some old-style modes, it is different when you see a real old camera in front of you. A Polaroid camera could be another fabulous choice when it comes to adding vintage details to your wedding.

Hard Copied Vintage

Hard Copied Vintage – New wedding trends

However, you should not overdo with that, because the cost of the wedding photo session might be quite high, both for you and your guests. These traditional cameras can be used just for a couple of photos and the rest should be done in the usual, digital way of nowadays.

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