How to Choose your Wedding Favours

Soap Wedding Favours
Soap Wedding Favours

How to Choose your Wedding Favours

It can be astonishing just how many gifts are involved in planning your own wedding. There are gifts for the honoured friends and family in your wedding party, a present for the person officiating the ceremony and of course the wedding favours; keepsakes or small gifts to thank each and every attendee for making your big day special.

Wedding favours can range from fun handmade keepsakes (popular even for luxury weddings) to personalised tubes of lip balm, paperweights or chocolate truffles.  Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice for your wedding.


Wedding experts often point out the fact that it is not what you give but how you present it. Adding a gorgeous image to a gourmet chocolate bar, for example, transforms it into a bespoke gift.

Wedding favours can be an essential part of your décor scheme. They add colour and personality to a table and make for great wedding photos. Think carefully about how you would like them to look; their colours, designs and finishes.

Remember that even if you buy something in a less than desirable packaging you can then place it in a different box or wrap it in pretty fabric or paper. Your favours can go along with the season of your wedding and match your wedding colours, or they can be something entirely different and whimsical.

Godiva Truffles

Godiva Truffles

Type of Favour

Would you prefer your wedding favours to be a memento that your guests can keep forever, or are you happy with a shorter shelf life?

This really helps you narrow down your selection. Decide whether it can be an item that can be unwrapped and eaten immediately such as chocolate truffles, something they can use for a period of time such as soap or lotion, or a favour like a picture frame which can (presumably) last forever.

What Would your Guests Like?

Think of your wedding guests; their ages, likes and dislikes. You may want to look for favours for an older crowd, for example, or something that can be enjoyed by all ages.

You can also consider doing different wedding favours for him and her, or fun options for children; a colouring book or small toy might provide hours of entertainment during and after the event.

Soap Wedding Favours

Soap Wedding Favours

Your Budget

The all-important wedding budget is something that often dictates the type of favours you choose. Are you planning a luxury affair in which you can afford to spend a significant amount per favour or would you prefer something a bit less costly?

Go Classic or Think Outside the Box

Your wedding favours can be a traditional choice or you can really use your creativity to come up with something new and different.

Traditional chocolates from a gourmet chocolatier such as Godiva are always a good choice, as are mini glass jars of sweets. But, you can also look to companies like to provide a favour that lets people take off their uncomfortable shoes and get out on the dance floor.

There are packets of seeds to plant flowers, luggage tags, bottles of olive oil, coasters; the sky is really the limit. Why not prepare a ‘midnight snack’ favour for your guests, with a box filled with cookies, a fizzy drink and nuts? Almost anything can be personalised to make a wonderful little gift to remember your wedding.

Wedding Favours

Wedding Favours

To Favour or Not to Favour?

Before you even begin to consider your wedding favours you may want to think about how important they are to your event. Weddings can be just as beautiful without this formality; some couples find them to be an unnecessary waste of money, a souvenir that will soon be forgotten. You can always allocate this part of your budget to an even more extravagant dessert table or another element that guests can enjoy during the celebration.

We hope this helps you choose the wedding favours for your special day! Which favours do you have in mind for your wedding? Share your tips with our readers in the comments below.

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