Sherwani – To Get the Best Ethnic Wear for Men

Men Sherwani

Sherwani for man is a sign of royal conventional trends along with rich style and class as it is appraised a dream outfit for every man. This outfit is a long, knee-length tunic that has body fitting collar that is bolted with hooks. It is manufactured with heavy fitting suiting fabrics like wool or silk or lining and is put ...

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Tips To Make Your Wedding Sherwani Go WOW!

Wedding Sherwanis

The wedding day undoubtedly makes it to the top ten happiest and most eventful days in any person’s life, but somehow on that very day itself, the bride ends up getting more attention than the groom. But, he too has to look more regal and handsome than he had ever looked before, after all, it’s his day as well. The wedding ...

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Indian Ethnic Wears For Weddings

Wedding Lehenga

Wedding season is the time for rejoice and celebrations. Being an integral part of Indian weddings, Indian clothes are the most demanded outfits for women. Indian wears offer both variety and elegance to the modern women. For weddings, Indian clothes are perfectly suited with their elegance and traditional looks. And for the contemporary women, they offer loads of style as ...

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Wedding Ideas: Why White? Why Traditional? Why Conformist?

Wedding Ideas

Is it time to explore alternative wedding themes and alternative wedding dresses? Think ‘wedding’ and the first thing that pops into your head is that pearly white bridal dress. But what we think of as a timeless tradition is actually a fairly new idea. Queen Victoria was the particular trend setter in this case. In 1840 she wed Prince Albert ...

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6 Fashion Rules for Grooms

Coordinated Attire

Men’s fashion is much less versatile than women’s, which makes a groom much easier to decide what he is going to wear on his wedding day. While the bride has to think about the cut, the length, the neckline and the sleeves she wants on a dress, a groom picks between a suit and a tuxedo and, tie or a ...

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5 Must-Have Accessories for Glamorous Brides

Bridal Hair Accessories

You are walking down the aisle. All eyes are on you. Your guests, your family and your groom are all speechless. Is it the whole matrimony ambient, the feeling of joy and excitement or the fact that you are looking spectacular? But how does one bride manage to look extraudinary? What does she actually need in order to achieve that ...

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The Conscience of Colors

Grace Mehndi Dress

To our surprise, there is a secret language for colors as well which proves to be a feast for our eyes. Every color speaks for theoretical feelings that are concealed within it like a pearl in its shell. While there is always a meaning enclosed in every color, they also possess an audacity to create an aura around you that ...

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Wedding trends: Flower Girl & Page Boy Outfits

Modern Trends - Page Boy & Flower Girl

If the wedding you are planning for yourself (or someone else) is a traditional one, then there are a few things that you simply have to include. Among these things are flower girls and page boys who will have their own roles during the ceremony and who will tie the whole ceremony together with their cute outfits and their accessories ...

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Fall 2014 – Latest Wedding Accessories Trends

Wedding Veil - The Mystic Cover

Deciding to get married in fall might be perceived as an awkward decision, due to the fact that the season is called fall and you are planning to make a life-long agreement, where fall is not actually what you are aiming at. Another good reason for not organizing your wedding in fall is the weather. This season is not famous ...

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Latest Wedding Dress Trends

Beautiful Pakistani Bridal Dresses

Let’s have a look at the sensational range of Latest Wedding Dress Trends. Wedding, the most auspicious occasion of one’s life, thus needs to be enriched with a lot of lovely accessories. A great range of new fashion trends have been emerged in the lovely wedding dresses.Let’s have a look. Eastern Wedding Dresses Western Wedding Dresses Mid Asian Wedding Dresses ...

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