Capturing the Spirit of New Jersey: 5 Wonderful Wedding Venue

Wedding Venues
Wedding Venues

Capturing the Spirit of New Jersey: 5 Wonderful Wedding Venue

If you’re from New Jersey, or you’re just in love with this wonderful state, it’s no surprise that you want your wedding to show its spirit in the finest light. Locals here are in love with their sports team, they are tough and fearless, and there’s no joking when it comes to eating healthy – which is probably pretty much how you are as well.

So, I’m sure that your partner and you are dwelling over your wedding location – that might be the biggest choice you have to make regarding your wedding, because a lot of things depend on it. Your venue needs to fit your personal needs and tastes; it needs to be at a location you find suitable, it needs to be big enough to fit all your guests, and it needs to be able to transform into the magical setting that you have always imagined.

However, you should be aware of the fact that your problem won’t be about finding a venue that fits these criteria, because there is a lot of them – it will be making a final decision and going for one of them because there are so many amazing venues in this state. I made a list of my favorite spots and I think you might find them helpful, so check them out.

Nanina’s in the Park

If you and your partner always wanted to go to Italy and celebrate your love for each other there in the style of Lady and the Tramp, sharing your spaghetti under the moonlight, you should definitely consider Nanina’s in the Park. Its lavish grounds and Italian architecture will make you feel like you actually collided the spirits of New Jersey and Italy – you can even get married outdoors, because they offer an amazing fairy tale atmosphere.

The Park Savoy

I’m sure you’re already familiar with this notorious location, because it has been on the top of the most luxurious New Jersey wedding locations list for over fifty years now. It doesn’t really matter which season you plan on getting married in, because this venue offers elegant grounds that have breathtaking views. On the other hand, you may enjoy the coziness of warm fireplaces that will steal your attention.

However, the most exquisite thing The Park Savoy has to offer as a wedding venue is their ballroom – with an experienced photographer who can offer high quality photo editing services and a highly capable decorator that can turn this venue into an oasis of magic, your wedding photos will truly look like they belong to a Disney princess.

Park Chateau Estate & Gardens

Speaking of Disney, if you’re a fan, I’m absolutely certain that Beauty and the Beast must be a fairy tale you’re obsessing about right now. And how could you not – they turned it into a wonderful movie that speaks about a story that’s old as time.

If you’re thinking about including motives from this fairy tale in your wedding, my suggestion is to go with Park Chateau Estate & Gardens, because this chateau has French architecture, its own wedding chapel and wonderful grounds – just like in the story. Therefore, I’m sure you can make your own version of the story come to life and live in your own fairy tale for a day.

The Elan Catering & Events

This is another exclusive New Jersey spot I’m positive you’ve already heard about. Showered in elegance, this venue offers a wide range of rooms of different sizes and styles.

The Elan Catering & Events

The Elan Catering & Events

However, I’m sure you’ll be mostly interested to hear about the Skylight room, which was built that way to let plenty of natural light in – if you already hired your photographer, I’m sure that this is exactly what they have suggested, because natural lighting emphasizes beauty. So, whether you want a traditional wedding or the two of you consider yourselves an urban couple, this venue will be able to transform their rooms for you just the way you like.

Waterside Restaurant & Catering

Speaking of urban couples – if you consider yourselves one, I’m sure you’re in love with the skylines of a metropolis, and is there a more gorgeous one than New York City’s? Well, if you decide to get married at this venue, you can have a ceremony right by the water, overlooking this amazing skyline.

There’s something truly serene in the waters, which is the exact motive that will be present during your wedding – just imagine listening to a charming quartet covered in moonlight, and having your very first dance right by the water. I don’t think it gets more romantic than that, do you?

When deciding on a location, it’s important that you go with something that truly suits the two of you as a couple. Each of the items we mentioned above are magical in their own way, but there are huge differences between them.

So, in order to be certain you’ve made the right decision, I think it’s imperative that you visit each one of the venues on your list. When you’re at the right location, I’m completely confident that both of you will know that it’s the right one, because it will reflect your love.

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