7 Questions to ask before hiring a Wedding Photographer

7 Questions to ask before hiring a wedding photographer
7 Questions to ask before hiring a wedding photographer

7 Questions to ask before hiring a Wedding Photographer

For most of us, figuring out the best wedding photographer is a tricky job. Most people feel responsible for choosing a photographer because the pictures and videos cannot be recreated again in case of a fiasco. People also include engagement photos or portrait sessions. Some of them book asian wedding photographers well in advance, which means it is very essential to hire the good ones before time runs out.

But when it comes to choosing the right photographer, one should ask some important questions before hiring them, early in the wedding planning process.

  1.    Why should we choose you?

It is important to hire a photographer after meeting them in person and one should inquire at length the reasons why one needs to choose them. A talented professional can showcase the best attributes about his skills and even manage to click pictures which can highlight the candor and vibes of any couple. Ask them directly about their USP so that one can keep one’s expectations in check and your own ideas can be conveyed with perfection.

  1.    What exactly is included in your packages?

If your wedding has many guests, one should make sure about the nature of packages from the photographer and if the costs involved with an assistant photographer is more than earlier. Aside from the wedding reception, there are many moments when some clicks are required. Maybe you have not yet allocated a budget for photography, but be sure to include a tentative budget that is to be spent on a photographer. Some photographers also include a videographer for the event, but the budget was never mentioned in the first place. It is natural that the photographer would be clicking the major pictures and might have an assistant to carry his gear to different areas. One should ask for the breakup of the budget and get a clear idea about your needs during the event. All inquiries should also include costs involved in making the album or DVD that will be given to you after the wedding. Also, the duration of the event and the number of ceremonies also should be intimated beforehand.

  1.    Can you show me a complete set of recent wedding pictures?

Always ask the photographer about their portfolio before finalizing them. One might have a curated Pinterest-friendly feed, but any guy would get an idea about the visual sense of the photographer. Ask for cool references from marriages you have attended and go for someone who can create images that you would love, in the long run.

  1.    What happens if you fall ill on the day, your camera develops a fault, or it rains inadvertently?

While it is unlikely that your main photographer gets ill right on your wedding day, one should not take any chances. It is crucial to know if they can take care of such a situation. Do enquire if you have an additional expert photographer in the team who can take over in a case of such a predicament.

Likewise, what if the camera develops a fault or there is less battery backup with the photographer. Ask the photographer about their camera gear and the backups that they have. Sometimes lenses do not work as they should. While wedding photographers do not have to rely on expensive gear all the time, they should have backup equipment. Nothing would be worse than the situation where the photographer misses nearly half of the event because their camera malfunctioned or lens broke, with no spare camera on set.

It is essential to know the venue in and out at different times of the day, to get the hang of the setting and the natural light coming through. Traditional photographers are usually fans of natural light But what if it rains and you have to shift to an in-house venue? Do the photographers have the lighting gear required to shoot the wedding period? Experience matters in this regard and your photographer should have a plan B in case something goes wrong.

  1.    Are you a member of any professional photography organizations?

Do ask the photographer about their affiliation with professional photography organizations, their awards in the field and achievements too. The achievements serve as a good testimony to the expertise and experience of a photographer that you need.

  1.    When will I see my pictures or the Album, and do I get digital copies of my images?

Depending on the package that you finalize, ask the photographer about the timeframes for receiving your photo album or if you will get digital copies of the images. Get a clear answer about the final package, whatever and whenever that may be.

The timeframes will increase specifically if you prefer a physical album nearly up to three months, although one may receive digital copies of the images before the time frame. Ask the format of the files that you will receive and also the mode of receipt too – pen drive or online. Also finalize the nature of the album, the size and quality that you would prefer. Some prefer mini albums for both family sides of the couple. Ask if there is additional cost involved for the same too.

  1.    I have certain ideas that I like – will you be able to do it?

You might prefer your wedding pictures to be shot and edited in a particular style. If you prefer the photography to be abstract, or set in nature, or sometimes darker too, convey your expectations and ideas to them. Always choose a photographer who can show some work of recent weddings and can live up to your own ideas and expectations. Imagery and setting are important and also dependent on the venue, the time of the day and the like. So try to be reasonable about it before working out your ideas and then get an opinion from them too.


Hiring a wedding photographer is not easy for many, but by asking the right questions, one can choose a worthy photographer to capture the biggest day in your lives.

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