5 Humorous yet Tasteful Wedding Photo Ideas

Humorous Wedding Photo Praphy Ideas
Humorous Wedding Photo Praphy Ideas

5 Humorous yet Tasteful Wedding Photo Ideas

Photographing weddings is one of the most unique things you can do if you are a photographer. But, there is a lot that a wedding photographer needs to know. Apart from the technical skills, you must also learn how to handle the wedding couple, deal with large crowds, and adapt to take shots in conditions that are not always ideal.

Additionally, there is a lot of pressure on the lead wedding photographer. It all falls down on you, and if you aren’t able to take good shots, the whole wedding memorabilia will be lost and everyone will blame you. This means that the pressure can be quite great, especially because this is an important moment for the wedding couple.

Everyone will want to see the photos, including all guests at the wedding. Apart from taking those “regular” photos all wedding photographers shoot, it’s good to have some new ideas that might make you interesting to some new wedding couples. There are many people that would like humor in their wedding photos, and just to be safe, here are some you should know.

1. The “Come over here”

Come Over Here

Come Over Here

One of the biggest stereotypes that have been around for a long time is that women simply “catch” a guy and then they cannot get away until they marry her. Guys are usually the ones who are scared of making this commitment and the brides are the ones “dragging them down” to make this “mistake”.

There is a great photo idea that can present this old stereotype in a funny way. Ask the groom to lie down on the ground, and the bride to stand behind him while grabbing him like she was dragging him away.

Make the groom look terrified and the bride should be enjoying an evil laugh of satisfaction that shows how thrilled she is to get her “catch”.

2. The “Don’t look”

Donot Look

Donot Look

This is one of the most hilarious, yet totally romantic and sweet wedding photo ideas. The recipe is quite simple; just have the couple stand in front of you kissing and distanced a dozen feet away. Then find some small children and put them straight in front of your objective.

Focus on the kids while at the same time capturing the wedding couple kissing in the back. Tell the kids to put their hands on their eyes so that they look shy. It’s a super cute photo idea and everyone will love it.

3. The bad influence

Yet another interesting and very funny idea

For this photo, you will have to gather all the bridesmaids and the bride as well. Additionally, find a little girl and bring them all together in the same room. A complete girl party, so to speak. This time, the girl should cover her eyes while all the bridesmaids around her do bad things and simply go wild.

Drinking alcohol, eating sweets, or doing something that’s not quite nice, but it all makes for a great funny wedding photo. Don’t worry, there is always that one bridesmaid that will get super drunk and go crazy, so you will have a lot of good ideas to work with.

4. The groomsmen are all dead, the bride killed them

The Groomsmen are all dead, the Bride killed them

The Groomsmen are all dead, the Bride killed them

The groomsmen are always goofy and going around the wedding like they are all captains of the football team, while everyone else is a geek. They are the loudest, drunk, and “most handsome” at the wedding, or are they? Maybe it’s time to show them who’s bossy with this hilarious photo.

Get to the bar and bring all the groomsmen and the bride with you. Let the bride sit in the middle on a bar chair while all the groomsmen are scattered around her, lying on the floor, wasted, falling asleep, or barely standing on their feet. Maybe you are cool and awesome boys, but the bride drank you all under the bar, so what do you have to say now?

5. Watch out, it’s Bigfoot

We all know that women can be bossy; this is just the way they are. They are always the ones who tell men what to do and, in a way, they have authority like moms used to have when we were little boys. To show this in a picture, use this brilliant idea.

Make all the groomsmen and the groom stand far away on a flat ground. Once they’ve done that, put your camera close to the ground and make the bride put her foot close in front of the camera like she is stepping over them while they are all terrified and scared for their lives.

Show that women have power over men as well and that they can use it if they want to.

In the end, remember to edit your wedding photos by SmartPhotoEditors to spice them up and make them look even better. Be creative, and talk to the wedding couple; maybe they can give you some ideas. If they are all a goofy crowd, you might not even have to set shots up, just be there when everything is happening and prepare your camera. Think outside the box and look for funny moments at the wedding (trust me, there will always be those).

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