4 Fantastic DIY Ideas for Wedding Table Setting

Wedding Table
Wedding Table

4 Fantastic DIY Ideas for Wedding Table Setting

Wedding is the auspicious event in every one’s life. There is a quote by Paris Hilton “I’d imagine my wedding as a fairy tale… huge, beautiful and white”. The fairy tale wedding is related to the celebration on the wedding day. The settings and decorations plays important role in making your wedding beautiful, huge and white. The interior décor of the venue is crucial in setting the mood and tone of the wedding and it is the vital component of the wedding planning. Setting the wedding table is the most important task when it comes to the wedding decoration. You may avoid the stress by allowing the caterers service providers to do the table setting for you. But if you, your family and your friends are in charge of setting the table you have to be very careful. Use your creativity and imagination and create the lush interior for the big day. Here are some DIY tips to decorate and set your wedding table.

Formal vs. informal table settings:

Many people think that wedding is an occasion to be extremely formal and it needs very sophisticated settings. Well I cannot deny this formality but taking it that much serious is not necessary. You can easily go with informal table settings by just reducing the number of items on your table. Keep the centerpieces simple and complement it with the beautiful decorations. For informal setting you have to place less folks, spoons, glasses and knives. There is an old saying that sometimes less is more. It works well in setting the wedding table. The informal setting will make you and your guests feel relaxed and reduce the confusion created by too much cutlery on the table. The rules of table settings will not change even when it is informal. Keep the folks to the left. Knives and spoons to the right should be at right and glasses to the right of the plate above the knife. It will look simple and great.

Create fantastic place cards:

The table setting is incomplete without the place cards. There are many fantastic ways to do something stunning with the place cards.

  • You can use calligraphic guest name of your guest and tie it with the manila tag. Attach these tags to animal or bird statuette whatever you like. Then tie the red and white twine to match with your table cloth.
  • Create the custom silhouette on your place cards by photographing the photos of bride and groom. Cut them in the desired shapes and paint in black to attract the guests. Attach the female guest name on the bride silhouette and the males name on the groom silhouette.

Use the colorful napkins:

The colorful napkins will add the pop of color to the table. Using different colors napkins on each table will give the magical and colorful touch to the table. Place the napkins of contrasting colors alternatively on each table, like one blue and one white spreading to the whole length of the table.

Do not forget use the flowers:

The floral arrangement always looks great on the table. Try something different from the traditional floral arrangement. Add the pop of colors by placing the fresh flowers in glass vases with coloring water. Place one vase at each table. It will look stunning and will inspire your guests.

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