The 10 Wedding Must Haves (According to Pinterest)

Something sweet - Wedding Cake
Something sweet - Wedding Cake

The 10 Wedding Must Haves (According to Pinterest)

Planning a wedding can be a nerve-wracking ordeal. Figuring out a guest list, seating plan and decoration is already enough to give you a headache. On top of all that, this special day seems to require an appearance worthy of a movie star. Many couples are puzzled about what should they be doing, but the most important thing is to have wedding moments to cherish for the rest of your life.

Unique scenery

It all depends, of course, on the type of wedding you want to throw and your budget. There is no need to compete with Downton Abbey pageantry, but the setting of the wedding sets the stage for the whole occasion. Don’t shy away from unexpected and unusual wedding locations like mountain lodges that will leave everybody captivated.

Eco-friendly and personal

Aesthetics are an essential part of a unique wedding experience. Don’t go overboard with decoration, and try to create a stripped-down and distinct style. Consider tailor-made themes and eco-friendly natural products. Try to make details like table displays and save-the dates more personal.

Eco-friendly and personal

Eco-friendly and personal

A proper invite

Some people don’t pay much heed to wedding invitations, but they are a good way to let the guests have a taste of what’s coming. Keep in mind that special and well-designed invitations are more and more popular these days. There is a myriad of possible solutions and organic and natural materials are leading the way.

Floral paradise

Floral decorations and greenery can make the whole scenery look gorgeous and romantic. You don’t need flowers all over the place- check out the cool hanging floral arrangements instead. Brides seem to fancy the likes of peonies, English roses, and dahlias lately.

Breathtaking photos

Don’t forget modern technologies even if the wedding has a nice vintage feel. Ask your guests to leave their best wishes in video messages. GoPro and drone cameras can make majestic photos of the whole event from every angle imaginable, so consider hiring a wedding photographer.

Minimalistic appearance

All eyes will be on you, but gone are the days of the bejeweled wedding bouffant and sultry smokey eyes. The modern bride is minimalistic, opting for a loose boho braid and natural makeup. The truly modern woman is ecologically aware and chooses light fruity organic skin products to get the bridal glow.

Something sweet

Some people admit that the best thing about weddings is food. You might have a million little things on your mind, but try to prepare some of the food yourself. Vibrant cupcakes and wedding cakes often steal the show from other delicacies, so surprise people with a something special like a textured cake.

Something sweet - Wedding Cake

Something sweet – Wedding Cake

Live music

Where there’s good booze and food, there should be good music too. It will get the guests up and moving, which is often the funniest part of the wedding. There’s nothing wrong with laughing at your tipsy parents dancing, and with live music it can turn out to be a thrilling afternoon party.

Golden dish

It would be a shame to serve delicious food in lousy dishes. According to Pinterest, copper and gold rose should dominate the scenery on the tables. Hence, introduce warm metallic flatware and cake dustings to let the magic happen.

Golden Dish

Golden Dish

Minimal stress, maximum fun

If you are feeling lost and disorientated, it’s a safe bet to check out the latest trends. Minimalistic and unique solutions are always preferable, and they are also propitious for your budget. Consult with your partner, and speak your mind. It’s your wedding after all, and you don’t want to spend it.

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  1. Weddings are so inspiring and when it comes to creative ideas, by all means consult Pinterest. Great article!

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